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Quote: (Originally Posted by Shadow) Scott really has put so much of himself into these lyrics. They really say so much.

Oh yes, I agree strongly with you! It takes a lot to open yourself up the way Scott does (and did and certainly will do!) to the world... Scott always will give his all in whatever he does (positive or negative). That's real passion... Oh how I love this man!!!

Quote: (Originally Posted by THE LITHIUM) Great message, but I don't feel the same Stapp-magic about this lyrics as I did for the once he wrote in Creed.

Well if you see where he's coming from, these lyrics are so understandable... I read a long story "between those lines"... I almost can feel it. If you know what I mean.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sebas) I like the song more now, it has growen in me, it's really good actually, but still I expect more from his solo record.

I have to admit that it's growing on me too... I didn't expected that. At first I was a little disappointed... the shivers came at the end of the song when Scott almost begs to give him a second chance. But the first 3/4 of the song didn't do anything for me. I didn't liked the way he sang at some parts (Is that Scott's voice????) I even compared him to Elton John.

But I think I'm growing under his spell!

they float like the memories I've opened,
and kiss all the butterflies I've broken,
their wings to the coat of my misfortune,
to reach the plains only I have spoken...

The Path ~by~ ManMade God
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