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Quote: (Originally Posted by NeedforCreed) Either you loved them or hated them. I think AB has a hill to climb, being under the shadow of Creed and lines like this dj stated won't make it any easier. The only thing it does is make the comparison to Creed, a band unique in it's own right.
I never understood how people hated them so much. They say it was because of Scott Stapp. Have you ever been to a Creed concert? It was Scott that made the show. (These statements are not directed at you needforcreed, just talking in general)

I was watching a bootleg last night and it was Scott that "covered" all bases in the show and walked the "catwalk". During some songs you couldn't even hear Scott because the audience knew all the words. Amazing is all I have to say about Scott's stage presence.

People can hate Creed all the want - but they sold millions of CD's and played to sold-out shows night after night.

I have been to literally hundreds of concerts and there are only a few bands that really have that "Magic". Creed was one of them.

Will Mark, Scott P., Brian and Myles have that? I don't think to the same degree. Mark will always be a great guitar player but Myles just doesn't do anything for me. I'll get the CD and probably see them live, if it's convenient for me. But, it will never be the same, never.

There is just something about Scott that draws people in. AB will be in Creed's shadow for a long time.
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