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WEll I went to this show Wednesday night and it was GREAT!!!!!! It was a 5 1/2 hour show, and I had pit seat on the rail. It was so hot here in Virginia and it was an outside venue in Virginia Beach. I of course made the mad dash for the pit about 1 mile around the venue glad I have been working out because it was hell to run that far in the heat. Anyways..... I got to talk to Paul McCoy again for a long while, he is so nice, got to take some pics and all, he proudly displayed his new tattoo to me. I then got the chance to meet some of the guys from Puddle of Mudd too, they came out into the gate area where the pit people were waiting with wigs on, they are funny as crap. I recognized them and chatted with them, all the little teen girls had no idea who the hell they were. Some of the band members from 3DD and Nickelback came by on ATV's and we got to see them to. As far as the show, it was GREAT!!!!!! 12 Stones was as entertaining as usual, Paul got me with he damn super soaker AGAIN...... Puddle of Mudd was really good as well, I have never seen them live before. As far as I am concerned Nickelback stole the show.... they were INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Being so close to the stage and seeing them live was awesome.... I got the "full cups of beer" tossed to me from Chad and the bass player, they were trying to get us in the pit to catch them right side up, no such luck for me..... it ended up all over me, cooled me off though. I had on a white tank top and needless to say they kept thowing more on me..... gee wonder why? Anyways.... they tore the house down fireworks and all. 3DD was as incredible as I remember from the last time I seen them. Brad ended up in the middle of the venue during "Be like that" and it was cool, all of us pitters were wondering where the hell he went, we looked back and he was in the crowd. It was a great show, the music was superb and the summer air was hot..... If anyone has the chance to go to this show DO IT!!!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!
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