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Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher_Desire) But, I guess by him saying he'd want to be himself makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside with a "everyone sould be happy with who they are and give themself a big hug" type of feeling.:
He of course is being criticized for being egotistical.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Alter_Rocker) I agree, but there is a way you can say "You know I don't think it would be anybody, because I'm happy with myself" meaning that he is proud of what he has acheived, and loves himself. Then there is another way you can say that and be stuck up about it, loving youself too much, and just come off as plain cocky. I think Stapp is somewhere in between.
Hayley, Scott said it very quietly and without sounding cocky. It really didn't come off bad at all. The clip couldn't have been more then 30 seconds.
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