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Quote: (Originally Posted by handmedown) I know you guys are familiar with bands such as Jet and The Vines but in my opinion there are bands in this country that are so much better.
I agree. The Aussie Invasion would be a wicked experiance, but there are way better bands out there.

Quote: (Originally Posted by handmedown) Pacifier (New Zealand)
DAMN STRAIGHT!! They are the best NZ band out there. Apart from Eight, they are kick ass too, and Opshop aren't bad.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sincirr) NZ bands are always good!

Quote: (Originally Posted by PaulMcCoygirl) Out of those 3, I like Pacifier the best.
Woo hoo!!

Just to finish, PACIFIER ROCK!!
'See the world in Green and Blue
Aotearoa right in front of you.
See the land of the long white cloud
Cape Reinga, to the fiords in the south.
Harbour lights in the City of Sails
Aroha, the love that never fails
See the bird with the leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colours came out.'

- Beautiful Day, Auckland, NZ - 24 Nov 2006

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