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When We Come Down The Upper Room

I cry out sometimes To only find that i dont understand To Only Awake To Know that you Lord Do Understand Thats Why I Dont Understand You show me more than in my self i cant Grasp But It Reaches me deep And Brings My Soul Refuge From The Agony With In Could it be Im Forgiven From this Burden And its Echos Slowly Utters In Words Thats Cloudy Tantied But Speaks From Above Once Again Today I Cryed Out Loud Again To Search My Soul And Heart Again Its There He Found Everything Thats True A Place That You See That Lies In Between You And Me A Place That Knows The Truth No Confuison In Its Midst A place that the blind cant see But a secret place that we soar and when come down Its here we go Again And When We Come Down Reality Clouds the Truth It Does That Which It Was Meant To Do Its Not My Friend When We Come Down We Take The Secrets In Which We Know And We Hide Theme And Know If Not Today Then Somday It Will Come Back To You And Speak To You And Confirm To You That Reality Is A Liar Whe We Come Down We Know We Are Found And Reality Of This World So Cold Makes Us Feel Lost Again We Know This World Is Not Home But Were We Just Made It Back From How Far From Is There From Here Not Very Far Its Inside of me Not That I Seek But I Have Found And Thats Why Im Lost In This World Just Kinda Hanging Around When We Come Down!!
Hush child I,ll tell you why you have Loved Me when you were weak you have given me unselfishly Kept you From Falling Falling everywhere But Your Kness you set me free to live my life you become my Reason To Survive The Great Divide you Set Me Free Ooh Our Love Is Beautiful Ooh isn,t This Beautiful Child It Seems You Have Been My Everything
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