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Quote: (Originally Posted by cariocawlad) I think videos can take the music more popular, I think they have the power to catch up the attention of people that don't know too much about the band. And for me video is an music.

Agreed.. to a certain point! I think Alter Bridge isn't a band who will make glam, polished, artistic vid's... They're "plain", "down to earth" guys and I think that the vid will also be "plain" and "down to earth". Back to the classic 70's rock style! They'll let the music speak for itself rather than that they'll shoot a very deep artistic vid with all kind of special stuff.

I really like that kind of approach...

But we will see, when the vid is finished, what it's all about! I could be wrong... maybe they'll fly through those woods and use some magic here and there, besides other kinds of special fx!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Creed_Defaultgirl) I have a question about Brians hair though, why did it have like a purpleish red tent to it???? Was it just the camera and lighting, or did he dye it some freaky color? Or do I need glasses? Did anybody else notice that?

Oh yes... Saxon, I noticed it immediately and I loved it. The color matches perfect with the natural surroundings. And I think he looks better than before, because of the red haircolor.

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