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Sounds like it was fun. I went to the Tantric concert at Summerfest (which this Nickelback concert was also a part of) on Saturday night at the LAZER/Mountain Dew Rock stage which was awesome, but they had the same mic problems as Thornley, apparently. I couldn't really hear Hugo (the lead singer) and he doesn't even play guitar. They played a B-Side recorded for a NASCAR compilation that y'all should check out called "Cross the Line."

I had seen Tantric when they opened for Creed at the Bradley Center in Feb. 2002, and I recall them sucking. But, they were really good and seem a lot more polished now. I like their first album, but their new one is amazing, too. GET IT!!!! Todd Whitener is a fucking kick-ass guitarist and showed it in 15 minutes of dueling guitars with the 2nd guitarist during the encore!

Anybody else there on Saturday? I know we got a lot of Milwaukee people here...

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