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mshoneybuns: thanks for the link to that forum. I'll be bookmarking that

TeriB19: Yes the guitarist on the right - the blond one just stood there. The other guitarist was moving around but that was it. The bassist was actually all over the place - jumping around, jamming his head, etc.

Dogstar: Even though I could barely hear the vocals during Thornley's set, I knew what he was saying though, since I've also been into them lately. I've been playing their CD a lot. I was surprised when they played that Big Wreck song towards the end. Didn't think they would do that. Have you heard of Big Wreck? If not, check out their cd "In Loving Memory Of..." which is amazing. It's more on the light side compared to Thornley songs but it is very good. The singles off that CD I believe are called "The Oaf," "That Song," and "Blown Wide Open" (my favorite). Nickelback actually used to play "Blown Wide Open" on tour back in like 1999/2000 or so. I believe they have a few other CDs as well but this one is the only one I have currently.

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