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Pics of My Guitar and Creed Posters

I took some pics recently of my Creed posters/pics, and my Tremonti SE. I added "cream" colored pickup rings a few months back, i think it makes it look cooler and more like Tremonti's. (as opposed to black on black, like how it came)

Creed Posters #1

(Weathered Tour poster, My Own Prison promo, DSD mini poster)

Creed Posters #2

(Rolling Stone cover poster, Weathered promo, Poster from Creed INK #1)

Creed Posters #3

(Pics from Creed INK #3, Stapp, Flip, and Tremonti. They have a cool black light effect when i have the overhead light on)

Creed Posters #4

(Human Clay cd insert, Weathered cd insert, Bandrags promo)

Tremonti SE #1

Tremonti SE #2

Tremonti SE #3

some of the picture quality is lost when you upload them, but what can you do.
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