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I still don't get people comparing things...but whatever at this point.

I was more excited for this song than I was eagerly awaiting hearing MS on the radio. I knew it (Open Your Eyes) was going to be different...this isn't just the first single of a new's the first single from a new band!!

Yes, I was excited for MS in 2001....but I was excited for this one in a different way..

I think WAWO was the biggest hit, especially in terms of air play, then Higher. I think One Last Breath was their biggest hit off Weathered, then My Sacrifice.

Quote: My Sacrifice will always be one of my favorites because it's the song that got me into Creed. WWE used the song during their "Desire" vignettes and that's where i first heard it.

I LOVED the way WWE promoted the song and album. So well done.
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