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HEY Buckethead/Gabriel, etc....

I listened to the interview of Alterbridge and Real Rock 101, and one of the things I noticed, was that band members, etc. read these posts for what the fans think and want.

So I thought I would start a post, that hopefully some fans here will post what they would love to hear/see from Alterbridge. Obviously we realize you can't live up to a bunch of requests, but maybe we'll see a trend or pattern of what some posters think and want to see/hear.

I'll start, and first congrats on the first single release, I think its getting great review from fans. One of things, as a Creed fan, that I heard a lot, was that people love Tremonti's guitar abilities and would love to hear more/longer riffs from him. Hopefully we'll see that on the upcoming album.

Anyone else like this idea, care to post?????
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