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I also feel the same. The other message boards bring me kinda bad memories, especially AB boards. CreedFeed brings me good memories, from better times. I know I haven't been here as long as many of you on this board, but also, this board is home. Then, at Default boards, the fans aren't as cool as you guys here. I hope everyone doesn't go to the other board and hardley ever post here, it would seem so much colder. Now that Creed isn't together anymore, to me, it just doesn't seem like there's much to look forward too. I know that Scott and AlterBridge have stuff coming, but I just really am kinda scared. I know it will be good, but I always know that Creed's stuff will be the best, and that's what I have had to look forward to. Now, well, it's just what I might be happening to do tomorrow. And now it's dreading what kind of crap the radio stations are going to say about Creed, and how they are going to bash Scott, and wonder if they'll support AB, or if they'll even play them. And then I dread next school year, when everyone knows they have broken up, and everyone, even the people I've never met, will come up to the "Creed girl" and say, "Why are you wearing that Creed shirt? Y'know Creed broke up don't you." And I will have to explain to them how just because they aren't together it doesn't mean they can't be my favorite band anymore. Stupid idiots.

Steve, glad you created this board. There are so many of us on here who are great friends now, and I hope that will never change.
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