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Quote: (Originally Posted by crest tattoo) I got it too. I guess it's official now, and it doesn't look to be "solo work" anymore either.

Well at least we have the official word we've been waiting for all these months.....but it doesn't make it any easier; I feel like I'm in mourning. I do feel blessed that hubby and I got to see their very last show as a group, in Philly. I agree with what others said in another thread - let's not side with anyone in particular, but be supportive of all their ventures. At least we can still hear Tremonti's guitar genius, Flip's rockin' drum beat, and Stapp's amazing lyrics and voice, just not together! Rock on, guys, and God Bless all the guys....they gave us so much great music and alot of cool memories, and we've all made good friends here on the bb because of Creed!

If there's one thing I hope I showed you... Just Give Love To All

Next Time I See This Face, I'll Say I Choose To Live For Always....So Won't You Come Inside and Never Go Away

There's Still Time...All That Has Been Devastated Can Be Recreated.....Realize, We Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Our Lives, Giving Ourselves to Each Other, to Rest Our Head On
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