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Quote: (Originally Posted by Said Eyes) New music from The Darkness? Awesome.

Brian May collaborating with Ours? FUCKING AWESOME! Have I told anyone how amazing Ours are? Very Very. This is wonderful news.

The Vines suck? Hmmm, yeah, thats about right. Triple M are tools too, and only 'supported' the Vines after they got big. It's what they, as a commercial rock station, do. The Vines though, are a running gag. Worse than Jet! The sooner they drop off the face of the Earth the better.

Side note: Why is it "Hide's Music News"? Did you change your name or something?

oh hide=handmedown boring story won't go into it!

Brian May collaborating with Jimmy should be excellent and is almost enough reason to buy the soundtrack even though the rest of the album doesn't appeal that much. right on about triple m but it could hurt the vines in the future not having them to promote their future albums. the vines are another case of here today, gone tomorrow IMO. this album has tanked in comparison to their debut, a one album wonder. you like the darkness? were you one of the kids who liked hurting other's ears in the classroom?
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