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hide's music news

hide can exclusively report the following news items;

The Darkness have completed the follow-up to "Permission to Land". I can't stand his voice but I know there are some who love their stuff.

Brian May has contributed a track to the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. It is a collaboration with Jimmy Gnecco of Ours. That soundtrack doesn't really interest me but this song should rock very hard.

Australian rock station The Vines have being banned by Australian national rock The Vines after some shocking antics by Craig Nicholls at a radio sponsored gig. Triple M have released the following statement regarding the matter.

Five minutes into Thursday nights’ Triple M Garage Session performance, The Vines guitarist Patrick walked off stage and joined the crowd, adding fuel to the rumour the Vines are on the brink of break up.

A police report has been filed by a Sydney newspaper photographer who says she was kicked during the gig, destroying her camera.

The band stopped half way through many songs with the lead singer screaming at the audience calling them a pack of sheep and telling them to shut up or get out. The intimate crowd of 400 were shocked when asked by the lead singer to “baa” like sheep .

Triple M has held hugely successful Garage Sessions in the past with bands such as The Darkness, The Living End and most recently Jet. It was hoped that the Vines would put on an equally successful show for Triple M listeners.

The station has been inundated by calls and emails from unhappy listeners disappointed by The Vines performance and attitude on the night.

As a result of listener feedback Triple M have dropped all The Vines tracks on their stations’ play lists and are awaiting an apology from the band and their management.

Triple M Program Director, Mike Fitzpatrick said of the incident;
In my opinion it's unprofessional and disrespectful to their fans. I've invited the guys to Triple M to apologise or at least explain their actions on air, but they haven’t called me back. We've supported the Vines until now, but our listeners have made it clear, after the Garage Session performance, they don't want to hear the band on Triple M. I can assure you they will never have another song played on Triple M. Whether they care about that or not, I don't know, but I'll be sure to mention it to Craig the next time he asks me “do you want fries with that?”.

you can check or for verification but would i lead you up the garden path?
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