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Quote: (Originally Posted by Said Eyes) I stopped taking your post seriously when you spelt it 'their'.

...and I stopped taking YOU seriously... after reading that, according to you CREED performed that less than satisfactory performance LAST December??? Guess we all missed that one! LMAO!!!
So where was that secret performance???

Ok j/k... but I couldn't let that one fly...

Quote: (Originally Posted by TeriB19) I demand they get back together, and I demand they come out with a tremendous CD and I demand they release a kick-ass DVD and I demand they begin touring on my birthday in my town and I demand I get a spot on the rail. Oh, and I demand they stop this rumoured bickering and become immediate friends again. Yeah, that doesn't sound too ridiculous, does it?

Sounds pretty fair to me Teri!! LOL!!

they float like the memories I've opened,
and kiss all the butterflies I've broken,
their wings to the coat of my misfortune,
to reach the plains only I have spoken...

The Path ~by~ ManMade God
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