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Quote: (Originally Posted by tremonti4life04) Doesn't beating a dead horse get tiring after a while? I mean, i've noticed that we have went over pretty much all what-if's (no pun intended). I believe that it would be healthier to take everything one step at a time and not sit on the board and fret over everything. There are too many what if's that we wont have answers to until both stapp and tremonti have their cd's out, are both touring, and both make some sort of public announcement concerning their plans for Creed. Oh, and to the person that started this thread, it wouldnt be creed minus scott stapp, because there is positivly no creed without stapp. Every band member had their part in making creed, but without stapp they would just be Reed, think abou it, he was the lead singer, the lead personality, the main voice of the band, and the most intense showman when it came to a live show. Stapp couldnt be replaced in a million years within the band, and the band still be Creed minus stapp. That would be like Tool minus Maynard James Keenan, Bon Jovi without Jon Bon Jovi, or Metallica without James Hetfield. None of those bands would be the same without their lead singer, none of them would have the right to call themselves that if they lost their lead singer.

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