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Quote: (Originally Posted by johellion) I would say it would NOT be difficult....A band issopose to be one in a WHOLE inity(that is the way it started....BROTHERS...close).....Stapp was the LEAD singer....he tried to be the leader of the band...I am sure that is what the problem was and is...I don't need to say any more....

sorry for hijacking your thread musicmind btw haven't seen you around in a little while! anyhow johellion i think scott was the leader in a sense because that is naturally is personality and the other members are more reserved. he didn't have the title to be leader he was the leader. see the difference?

back to the orignal topic and in answer to the question. the only way i can see alter bridge and creed co-existing is if they are vastly different bands with completely different sounds much like with Maynard with Tool and A Perfect Circle.
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