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Quote: (Originally Posted by musicmind226) Hmm.....

I was thinking, creed might not be around for some time, espeacially if alter bridge and stapp's solo/acting efforts go through the roof.

Alter bridge could be creed minus stapp and a different name. Think about it, creed's ex-bassist an new singer. Maybe mark were just being generous and not being assess and didn't want to tell us that they just basically gave stapp the boot because of all the problems he was causing with the band.

Don't bash me, just some brain farts. I don't know, still I'm excited.

oh and they smell bad!

no really i would think it would quite difficult to give scott the boot as he seemed like he was the leader of the band. besides the chicago incident what has he done publically to be sacked? what did he do that forced the band to hold auditions? they struck out with kennedy in a big way but maybe they would have being like another band of late and hold auditions of r 12 months and knock back one after the other.
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