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I had a good friend in high school, who occassionally smoked pot. Then as it usually goes he had to have more to get that high - then moved on to other stuff. Now he is dead. Killed himself while high. While there might be some merit to what you all have mentioned about the medicinal purposes (I have not done clear research so I don't speak knowledgably) it is a drug and someone like you, JON, has no business doing it. Get high on your life, helping people, mastering a skill etc. (I hope that isn't why you are asking - I am going to assume that you are just trying to make interesting conversation here!) I work in a wellness center as a counselor, and we are addressing Chronic pain in a variety of ways that don't involve medication like massage acupuncture chiropractic and emotional counseling. I used to be cynical about this stuff but having seen it first hand I am amazed. Even recently a Harvard researcher wrote a great article that we as a medical society need to start thinking outside the box, going on to state that alternative approaches deserve a second look. Emotional stress produces hormones and chemicals in the body that aggrivate pain. Things like alchol and pot just numb the symptoms, they don't address the source of the pain. I would rather eliminate the source than numb the symptoms. Anyway, just my
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