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Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher_Desire) Personally, I don't like the stuff, and it should remain illegal. It's no more of a medicine than LSD, Meth, or Coke.

Shows hiw much you know, kid.... LSD is a medicine... it was developed as one -- getting high is really a side effect in a way. LSD was used on mental paciets and such thoughout 60ies. To top all that LSD, unlike meth, mj, and such is NOT a drug, but a halluscinigen (it is not addictive, it uses different mechanism to get you 'high').

Anyhow, MJ should be legalized, b/c regardless of how bad it can be, it's got NOTHING on alchohol. Who would you rather deal/live with pothead or alcoholic? You see many people think that if one uses occasional pot than he's a pothead, but that's like calling someone who enjoyes occasianla beer an alchololic.
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