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Did you know???
Much research is being done that PROVES cannibus' medicinal powers (without getting the user high). I just read a money mag article that finds, ironically, the anti-depressant, appetite suppressant, and brain boosting pwers of this "drug". THe only part that potheads use is the very tip of the plant, which contains THC. The rest of it (grown up to 5 feet or so) can be used to make clothing, food, fuel, rope, beauty supplies, all kinds of fun stuff. Washington grew it, yes... So did Thomas Jefferson. The reason it is illegal is beacuse of a politician by the name of William Hearst who, back in the days of Jim Crow, wanted to find some way to villify blacks and said that it was the "devil's weed" pointing out all the ex-slaves who used it. He instiled fear in the voting public (then, only white) by creating the term, "Reefer Maddness". Ignorance is worse than addiction in this case... my
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