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The most thrilling night EVER!!! at least for me

WOW!!! I can't believe how worthy it was of skipping a night of CreedFeed posting to go to a soccer game!

Here are some pics and videos so you can imagine the atmosphere in our stadium, Morumbi (Or Buckingham Palace, as you wish). It was so frickin' cool! I recommend it if you have some free time (I know you have)


Videos - Just click on "Vídeo" - Try 4 and 5 first!!!

PICS 2 (those are better!)

I'm not posting the links directly to the video now (I'll do it tomorrow but it's very intuitive and I'm sure you're able to get it right. Videos are short - 1:30 min the longer)

Last night, Sao Paulo played against Rosario (from Argentina) for Libertadores Cup (just like UEFA Champions League in Europe - the most important tournament in Americas). Sao Paulo lost the 1st game in Argentina for 1x0, so we had to win here... Guess what? They scored with 5 min of game...

But Sao Paulo managed to win magnifically by 2-1 taking the game to the Penalty Kicks decision, when we WON!!! It was magical... I need to post more details so you can get it!
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