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Well, here's a little primer ...this was posted by dobegrrrl over at the Jerry Depot:

Cantrell @ Velvet Revolver show:

posted by Brett at the Megadeth board, who run's into Jerry way more than he deserves to.

fuck, i just got back from Velvet Revolver's surprise show at The Roxy!! holy fuck they rocked so hard! There could not be a smaller, loud, sweaty rock n' roll venue to see such a loud, sweaty rock n' roll band, it was beyond perfect! Their first show as a warm-up to their first tour! Songs you guys would recognize: Crackerman (STP), Mr. Brownstone (GNR), Sex Type Thing (STP), It's So Easy (GNR), I Used To Love Her (GNR), Set Me Free (VR), Slither (VR). And so many amazing new songs!! Some really killer tunes in there. One of them really stood on it's own, it's called "Fall To Pieces" and it was truly epic!! If this world has any sense to it, this will be a classic hit for the ages!

Scott Weiland was ridiculously cool as always. Man, that guy was just all over it! He's one of the last true rock stars. His voice was perfect, his stage presence is just on fire (if you've never seen STP live, you don't know what you're missing!). And he was running throught the audience and shit. Slash is fuckin' back!!!! He looked awesome, exactly the same as always, had the top hat, and just wailed like no other! Every time he soloed it just resonated in me! They were REALLY together, and very very fuckin heavy. They just owned us all. The sound was huge! Especially in such a small little room with only about 150 people or so.

On top of all that, I got in free! (one of the head roadie security guys just gave us free tickets out of the blue, most likely because the girl I was with is gorgeous and it is her birthday). and they gave us all free really kick ass t-shirts. The coolest band shirt I've seen in a long time, and it has all the info of the show on the back so it's really one-of-a-kind!

Some celebrities that were right by me were Jerry Cantrell, Ron Jeremy, and Kelly Osbourne. I'm sure there were more, but I didn't notice. That's my 3rd time seeing Cantrell in person. Ron Jeremy looked even more grotesque in real life, as did Kelly Osbourne. She was standing directly next to me outside after the show. I could hear all her conversations and shit, pretty trippy. Unfortunately, I didn't pimp-slap her like I'm sure you wished I did (I was thinking about it though ). But I did talk to her a little, and she was actually really nice.

God damn what a night!! I've truly witnessed the inception of a great band (I also saw the gig where the GNR guys decided to become a band together 2 years ago, when they jammed with Steven Tyler).

I did think of Axl though, and I fuckin missed his ass on the GNR tunes (although Scott was fantastic on them).

Sorry if I'm rambling. I'm still high and full of energy
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