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Quote: (Originally Posted by extreme_LITHIUM) As you might know I'm a swedish fan... This fan site is made by another swedish Creed freak!! His name on the board is Creed_Sweden, he does not post much. A few of you might know him as Jonathan. Anyway, he's a great and huge fan! He have made this fan site, and he asked me if I could post it here. He said he couldn't, because his PC is missed up.

Anyway, here it is: A, the first Alter Bridge fan site YET!!!! Give it up for Jonathan and Sweden!!

I'm also building a page for both Alter Bridge and Creed. I'm making it in Dreamweaver. I haven't named it yet.

A website should be up this month? It says that in
"It's all about the super jackpot."
-Mark Tremonti

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