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Quote: (Originally Posted by hide) i know he's a target being a celebrity and all but he has being in a couple of fights of late. i don't know the full story obviously but it is concerning. more importantly did he win the fight?

Yes, he is a target, not only because he's a celeb, but people love to bash him in particular. I sometimes wonder if some of this stuff is staged, planned, whatever. I mean, in one fight he was in a few yrs. ago, someone was actually there with a camera, taking a picture of him looking aggressive, etc. I think sometimes the media just loves to see him, and other celebs, get in fights so they can publish that, vs. "good" press, and make more $$$. I mean, Stapp does need to learn to control his temper, especially in those situations, because he's giving them exactly what they want. If he could just control his temper and be the bigger man and walk away, they'd probably stop trying to get him riled....well, one can hope, can't one? It just seems so opposite of what his lyrics say - "Just give love to all" and "the only difference is to let love replace all our hate" - he needs to learn to make his lyrics a reality in his personal life.

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