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Quote: (Originally Posted by Mr.Anderson) I have to agree with you here Lechium. Personally I find Bruce Springsteen one of the most overrated musicians out there. Plus I hate it when people claim him to be a great guitarist, the guy uses a kappo for pete's sake. Plus like Lechium mention is music isn't much when it comes to his lyrics. There extremely linear and he spouts off cheesy lines about US to get people into his music.

Sure, he's not a fantastic guitarist technically, but I get tired of perfect technique. He uses riffs and such very well to convey the message of his songs. I hear some solos that these perfect guitarists play and it has no feeling and does nothing to enhance the song. You can take a solo that Bruce plays and watch him play it and you will feel that song without even knowing the lyrics. I'll take that emotion and passion over perfection/technique anyday. I've heard many good guitarists defend capos by the way. Some people get snobby in their musical abilities or leanings and go against it, but it seems many who know what they are talking about don't really mind them.

Cheesy lines about the U.S.? Let me guess, you think Born In The U.S.A. is a flag-waving jingoistic song don't you? People should really listen to the lyrics.

Bruce's writing isn't that linear, and I see where you are coming from. Still doesn't take away the fact that he's one of the best. Seriously, go read his lyrics from anytime you want, but especially the '70s. Don't just rely on Born In The USA when you are getting the meaning wrong anyway.
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