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Quote: (Originally Posted by handmedown) I hope VR doesn't dissapoint i'm really psyched to hear their album! Sure 78 the good ol' days! he's not bad on the guitar is Bruce.......i'm also meant to buy a Social Distortion album. I have this deal with crazy marge where she'll buy Second Skin if I buy a SD album. None of us have done it yet!

I hope so as well! The good ol' days. Haha, yep. Now if only I was alive then. He's definitely not bad on the guitar, and I think some older stuff will enhance your feelings of that.

Buy a SD album for sure! They are great. Mike Ness is a Bruce fan and a Johnny Cash fan. It so happens on his solo album "Cheatin' at Solitaire" he and Bruce sing together on "Misery Loves Company". Great song.

Second Skin? Mayfield Four album, right? I still need that.
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