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Quote: (Originally Posted by addicted2stapp) Oooh, I only just noticed this thread

Are you kidding me? Melbourne has 3 and a half million? Far out, I thought there would be way less than that. The whole of NZ's population is 4 million

Yes, I do know what you mean, water is beautiful and I love going to the beach when I need some time out, water is very relaxing.

This is pretty awesome, imagine what kind of stuff Stapp will design for his house...mmm...leather couches... jk

LOL Melbourne's population is almost as big as NZ's hehe! It might be a little less then that but close. Sydney's population is about 4 million people, then after that Brisbane is next at about 1 million people. I think half your Maori population has moved to Melbourne as well. They are keeping the local rugby league team alive, which sucks compared to AFL!
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