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Oooh, I only just noticed this thread

Quote: (Originally Posted by handmedown) i'm down under and we have a few cities, Melbourne where I live has 3 and a half million I think. Its not New York but its big enough!
Are you kidding me? Melbourne has 3 and a half million? Far out, I thought there would be way less than that. The whole of NZ's population is 4 million

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sheila63) I can relate to needing to be near the water. I love the water, especially the ocean. I find it very relaxing and it's a spiritual place for me so I can understand how that would help a writer.
Yes, I do know what you mean, water is beautiful and I love going to the beach when I need some time out, water is very relaxing.

This is pretty awesome, imagine what kind of stuff Stapp will design for his house...mmm...leather couches... jk
'See the world in Green and Blue
Aotearoa right in front of you.
See the land of the long white cloud
Cape Reinga, to the fiords in the south.
Harbour lights in the City of Sails
Aroha, the love that never fails
See the bird with the leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colours came out.'

- Beautiful Day, Auckland, NZ - 24 Nov 2006
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