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Quote: (Originally Posted by Trees of Wisdom) They have no argument, though. The people there are VERY ignorant. They think that Creed broke into the music scene in 1999. Also the whole argument is an attempt to give another reason why Creed "sucks". Any one that knows a thing or two about music knows that crappy artists can't sell for crap in other countries. That's another reason why rap is crap, but that's beside the point. They are incorrect. Creed sells a lot around the world.

they are very ignorant but there are some that are fans and there a couple that frequent both here and Synergy. I have got one person to like Mark but giving her a few files of him shredding and the like. she doesn't like scott but she likes mark, which well is a start. in fact ain't you like that?

about rap artists like Outkast are good I must say, but 50 Cent and the like does sell well arond the world which is a major letdown. selling a lot around the world doesn't equate to quality in my view although it can be an indication. the idol thing sells around the world but sucks so.....

he was wrong about only selling in the U.S's bible belt though! don't worry when this new material comes out he'll have to eat his words!
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