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?WGMB? Cherokee prayer? Michael? Anyone?

Saw the lyrics/writing questions for Michael in another thread - thought I would throw this one out. Anyone know anything about the Cherokee Indian Prayer sung at the beginning of WGMB? My kindergartener loves that part and always asks me what it means!

(And a sidenote to Michael - thank you so much for your updates. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at a Meet-n-Greet in Lansing, IL (and I won the guitar in the raffle!!!) and he was just the neatest nicest guy. I wish him and the new band the best. Reading your posts and such I get the sense that your family is just a really neat bunch of people. Thanks again for keeping us in the know as much as you can!)
I am so StappHappy!
The comfort of your arms around me
Your tender hands upon my head
I laid beside you I'm not worthy
This jaded man's not who I am
I touched the flame and I've been burned
All I need's a second chance
Give me eyes of a child
And teach this man to relearn love

When shadows paint the scenes where spotlights used to fall...I will be there for you Scottie
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