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Quote: (Originally Posted by Mr.Anderson) How many people besides me actually own the Tremonti Signature Series guitar? I'm just curious.
i would... but i'm lefthanded... and Right handed Single-cuts aren't exactly Lefty-friendly...
so instead... i basically made my own Sig guitar... it's not finished yet... i gotta install my pickups 1st... and then it'll be finished... I love this guitar
it's a Cheap Epiphone SG Special... but i sanded it down and did some awesome stuff w/ the finish... and when i get these new Dimarzio LAF PROS in it... (w/ Red/Black Singles (Voodoo style)) it's gonna be my Sig Guitar... it sounds Awesome as is... but it'll be even greater w/ the new p'ups... not bad for a $180 piece of plywood!!!!! lol
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