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Quote: (Originally Posted by BearFan) i feel bad for the guy, b/c he's horrible, and people only "like" him b/c they want something to laugh at. and he seems oblivious to it all, which makes it even worse.

You feel bad for that?

Tell me who's the gullible one. The millions paying to hear and see him because they "like" him, or the one riding the wave and becoming rich?

I think someone stated that he's worthless, and of course he's not, but I don't even understand why people watch American Idol to began with.

Now, even if Hung only gets 15 minutes of fame he's still going to make a good enough amount of money while there are bands out there who write their own songs, play their own instruments, etc. and are toiling in bars and clubs. It's quite ridiculous don't ya think?
"The more I show the way I feel
The less I find you give a damn
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