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Quote: (Originally Posted by luvscott4ever) Ditto, Buddy!!

The one I think I relate to the best is the one when they play Creed on the radio...I mean, come on!! It's not like I don't own just about everything they've done!! Yes, I have all 3 cd's, but there's the bootlegs and what-nots!! But it seems such a rarity when they play them on the radio, it's like...WOW!!! Creeds on the radio!! hehehe...My kid will even call me when they're on!! and I'll sometimes call her...weird!! But hey, I love my guys!!

LOL i do this as well i can listen to them whenever i want but if it comes on the radio i'm like a little kid! buying a PRS so you can meet mark when you don't play guitar, that is a funny one! that is committed, sad perhaps but committed nonetheless.
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