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Hey, yea, when i hear the word creed, i automatically think that someone is talkin smack, so i beat the hell out of them til they show me their creed shirt collection...then i just feel relieved that i didnt get any blood on my creed shirt, and if i did get blood on it, well then, i change my shirt, then beat the hell outta the person again for making me get blood on my creed shirt. People normally dont talk about creed around me...But, i got a few "You Might Be A Creed Freak If's" and they go in no particular order...:

You Might Be A Creed Freak If:

...The only songs you can play on an instrument are Creed songs
...You try to incorporate the last names of band members into your bloodline
...You only talk to people named Scott, Mark, Brett, and Brian (spellings vary)
...You ban people from your Creed Fan Clubs for blasphemy (ex. Making fun of the last time that stapp says "You stand here with MEaaaa"(dont act like you dont know what im talkin about!...sinner)) and deemed it unholy
...You dont play guitar, but you saved up $500-$2400 dollars to buy a PRS at a meet and greet so you could stammer how unworthy you are at the feet of tremonti
...You told someone that you dont like who wore a creed shirt "You are not worthy to wear the robes of a king you filthy swine! I strip you of your creedom!!!" and proceeded to burn the shirt off their back becaus it was "Tainted"....
...You cried when tremonti broke the neck off of that PRS in the My Sacrifice video (i know i did)
...You have dreams about one day walking past someone on the street that has met a member of creeds brother in-laws cousin's grandma.
...You constantly attend church JUST to see if they mention creed
...You have 2 copies of every creed CD/single for every CD player in your house, just in case one gets broken
...You put said copies in a fireproof box incase "the worst" happens
...You sit on the computer for a half hour making "You Might Be A Creed Freak If" comments.....guilty!

So take those into account, and the next time you catch yourself doing any of these...please report it to me at once so i can dub thee Creedable.
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