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I'm back! :)

hey guys! I missed y'all even though I wasn't gone that long. I see y'all got some new smilies. Well here is an update about all that has grandma sadly passed away on Friday March 26 in the hospital. She got moved up on to the 3rd level of the hospital b/c that is the level were they put all the patients who are going to nursing homes or are either not going to make it. On saturday, we had a rosary just for the family. That was one of the worst days. My mom, aunt and me just completely broke down crying when we saw my grandma in her casket for the first time. They had put on her favorite dress and necklace. They also put on a ring that my mom and aunt gave her for mothers day. On sunday we had another rosary except this was open to anyone. A lot of people showed up and the entire place was packed. On monday we buried her. It was so heart wrenching when they told us to say our last goodbyes to her before they closed the casket. Then we proceeded to the church for the mass where, my borther, cousin and I all read. On Tuesday I went back to school ( I really didn't feel like it) and all my friends gave me hugs and made me feel a lot better. After school, I went to go visit my grandmas grave and on top of it, they had put all of these beautiful flowers that some of our family and friends had sent. Now we have to begin the long process of cleaning up her house and gathering all her things to either keep or give to a charity. Once my mom entered my grandmas house , she started crying b/c she was never used to it being so empty and unlively before. I really miss her and I know that I'm going to feel like this for a long, long time; however, I know she is happier where she is b/c she is with my grandpa now. Also, I just gained another guradian angel so I'm really lucky.
To end on a happier note, I got asked to prom after I got back so I kind of have a feeling my grandma had something to do with it. She's already working miracles for me.
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