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In Death We Will Rise

This was inspired by the saying In Death We Will Rise.
I hope you all enjoy it!

In Death We Will Rise

"Praying for the day
You will take my breath away
Your beauty shines oh so bright
Guiding our paths with your blinding light
Failed attempts reaching out to you
Left us more bitter then we ever knew

(But we know)

In death we will shine
In death we will rise!

Shine like stars in a darkend sky
That make the masses want to cry
Take the world over with our joy inside
With one billion murderer's that wont be denied
Show our passion that will never fade away
Soon to meet our Maker no matter what they sey

(We know)

In death we will not be compromised
In death we will rise!

Taken by surprise
In death we will rise
Somthing we so desire
To be taken higher and higher
Above the earth our bodys soar
Leaving behind pain and war
Through the fire we breeze right through
Nothing else left but to meet with You."

God bless
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Voices are hidden
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Am I no better forgiven
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