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Quote: (Originally Posted by handmedown) "The frog in the well" logic illustrates that a frog residing in the atmosphere and boundary of a well cannot imagine the length and breadth of the gigantic ocean. Such a frog, when informed of the gigantic length and breadth of the ocean, first of all does not believe that there is such an ocean, and if someone assures him that factually there is such a thing, the frog then begins to measure it by imagination by means of pumping its belly as far as possible, with the result that the tiny abdomen of the frog bursts and the poor frog dies without any experience of the actual ocean. Similarly, the material scientists also want to challenge the inconceivable potency of the Lord by measuring Him with their froglike brains and their scientific achievements, but at the end they simply die unsuccessfully, like the frog.

this makes a very good point we try to fit God into our tiny little brains and conform him to our limited experience and understanding. Thanks heaps for that!

Yes that's right. Her's another point:

One cannot challenge the authority of the Supreme and know Him also at the same time. He reserves the right of not being exposed to such a challenging spirit of an insignificant spark of the whole, a spark subjected to the control of illusory energy.

[Srila Prabhupada from Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.21]

So the first step to REAL KNOWLEDGE is HUMILITY. This is the atheistic scientists folly. They don't admit their actual postions. They are limited in so many ways yet they deny GOD. They are in illusion [think that they are their bodies not the soul or consciousness within] and yet they claim to be teachers and present books of so called knowledge, THIS IS CHEATING.

And the whole society blindly follows such cheaters.
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