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[posted by Creedgoddess on]

I'm baaaaaack! Approximately 9 hours after I left for Orlando which was 8 hours after I had gotten up with 3 kids. Needless to say I'm wiped, so forgive me if this post is all over the place.

First and foremost, a huge "Thank You" to Michael Tremonti for your gracious invitation. And to Mark and the guys for be willing to let me sit in tonight. I am truly honored.

They played 12 songs tonight. They have about 30 songs in all, the majority of which are complete. The songs cover a wide range (in style, nuance and tempo, heavy to soft) but they all share one thing: they are classic, straight-up, old school ROCK & ROLL Songs you can embrace from the moment you hear them.

The limitations of working in a rehearsal space aside, I thought it sounded damn good in there. Afterwards Michael told me that both Mark and the lead singer were very frustrated in not being able to hear their own voices. Apparently there were mistakes made and some things were off. But this non-musician would never have known the difference. No, I wasn't in a 40,000 seat stadium, and no I wasn't listening to an engineered cd. But it sure sounded good to me!

The lead singer: (now we are intelligent folk and can look around this place and make a fairly educated guess as to who it is, but for the purposes of this post I will refer to him as "the lead singer"). His voice is simply amazing. He is a musician and he is trained. The difference is qualitative. You can hear it immediately. He has incredible control over his voice and he can take it places! There are songs where you can't believe you are listening to the same guy. That's how much talent and range this guy has. Now granted, this was a rehearsal space and not a concert, but it is my opinion that for this lead singer, it's more about musicianship and less about showmanship. You get my drift.

Mark: Finally. We are getting to hear this boy play! Really play. Most of the songs have guitar solos (Hail the return of the guitar solo! It's about damn time!) The music really allows Mark to showcase his talents. To this untrained ear, it sounds as if Mark's influences come from a wide range of music and you can hear that in the songs he's written.

Flip: Damn boy! What have you been eating for breakfast? I've never heard Flip play like he played tonight! He is really coming into his own.

Brian: You all will have to forgive me, because I came into Creed after Brian had already left. I can't speak for his playing based on any previous experience. He pretty much stayed off to the side and and concentrated on doing his thing. Michael tells me Brian is still working on getting to know the songs and will become more comfortable as time goes on.

One song in particular: Metalingus (as it's currently known, but whose name will be changed for the cd). IT'S OUT OF CONTROL! . Heavy heavy. And I couldn't decide which was more insane; the lead singer's voice, Mark's guitar playing, or Flip on the drums. The song frikkin rocks!

Of course they all rocked. Every time they played the next song I thought "that's my favorite". I thought that for just about every song. There is one song that Mark wrote for his mom. It's moving and powerful. But it stays strong and never gets sappy. I don't know how Mark does it.

I'll be honest. Watching them all together I did not once think of Creed. These guys are their own band. With their own sound. And after only two months together it already seems easy and natural between them. I get the feeling that Mark and Flip are in a time and place where they can really stretch and do what they want to musically.

Again, I was honored to have been in the room. I hope I have done them justice with this little report of mine. I wish these guys nothing but the best. And I for one will be happily waiting in the ticket line.
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