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Dear Gabriel~

How are ya Michael?? I'll try to make this quick. I'm fairly new to this site..the reason I checked this board is because someone had posted on that you were replying to peoples questions about Mark and Submersed. Well I really don't have a question...more like a small favor if you could. I'm not a 100% sure that you are really his brother, im sorry if it offends you...but you just can't trust people on the internet anymore. I guess if I was an active member of this site, I would know more about you. But I thought, since you are saying you are Mark's brother...could you tell Mark whenever you get a chance, that the guy he met in Dallas during the Meet & Greet and wrote about a month later is very thankful to have recieved that letter. I have no way of thanking Mark for his words of wisdom and no way of thanking him for putting me on cloud nine ever since. I've taken all of his advice and things are working out great. I'm almost complete with my "project" and hope to get the ball rolling by the end of this month. We are called Venture. When everything is recorded, I plan on traveling to Florida to hand him a copy. Even if he doesn't like it, if it's not his cup of tea....I can at least give him something back for all he's given me through his music. Well I guess that's about it...I don't know if you'll ever read this, I hope this thread stays alive so you have the chance to look at it when you are browsing through. Take care man, if you ever want to talk to me or tell me that you read this email is By the way, if you are around the Submersed guys...please tell Kelan that Blake and Cody C. say hi. Peace out,
Blake Self

P.S. Does Mark really have a KRANK amp? and if so, how does it really sound?? I'm about to travel 3 hours to invest in one so I can create my own sound.
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