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Submersed appear on Punisher: The Album

Hey guys. I just got this via Submersed e-news, so I thought I'd share it. Man I'm so excited about this!

Quote: (Originally Posted by SubmerseD e-news) Hey Submersed Fans!
We have some exciting news for everyone! Submersed's track "Complicated" will appear on the upcoming soundtrack, PUNISHER: THE ALBUM, which is due in stores on March 23rd! Check out the Punisher e-card to hear new music from Drowning Pool and Nickelback and to win some killer Punisher prizes. The band is still hard at work on their album upcoming debut album ALL THINGS BECOMING OF THE END so be sure to keep visiting for further updates.

Stay tuned for more-
Submersed Online

Soo... Complicated will show up on the album. Can't wait to hear it? Listen to the demo verson here -> [click me].

Other bands that will show up:

Quote: (Originally Posted by Track List) 1. DROWNING POOL - Step Up
2. EDGEWATER - Eyes Wired Shut
3. SEETHER feat. AMY LEE - Broken (Note: Broken is on Seether's Disclaimer album, this is a new verson of that song)
5. NICKELBACK - Slow Motion
6. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Never Say Never
7. SMILE EMPTY SOUL - Finding Myself
8. TRAPT - Lost in a Portrait
9. CHEVELLE - Still Running
10. DAMAGEPLAN feat. Jerry Cantrell - Ashes
11. SEETHER - Sold Me
12. FINGER ELEVEN - Slow Chemical
13. BEN MOODY feat. Jason Miller & Jason "Gong"Jones - The End Has Come
14. STRATA - Piece By Piece
15. HATEBREED - Bound To Violence
16. SEVEN WISER - Sick
17. SUBMERSED - Complicated
18. ATOMSHIP - Time for People
19. MARK COLLIE - In Time

That album are gonna kick ass!! Now, are you excited too??

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