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Jesus did all that for our souls on his own accord. Most people hear about how jesus was beaten and crucified and say, wow that's terrible, what a great ordeal to go through, and leave it at that.when you read into the process of scourging and crucifing is you say "holy crap, that's terrible to go through all that pain!" sadly, not all of americans care to find that stuff out. When put out in an image, facts make a bigger impact. I know it's gory but that's what happened. if it was like all the other jesus movies no one would care. Not to mention the incredible acting. And the symbolism makes sense, it makes you think a lot, not just there for randomness and weirdness. I know satan scenes were weird, but they fit the part when you look into it. This isnt just a movie about jesus getting beaten to death, it's about what he went through to save humanity. Mel Gibson is a catholic, he doesnt make a movie on the center of the his faith 'cause he's sadistic, he made it because people need to know what really happened, and why it was done. For love.
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