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Quote: (Originally Posted by Julbright) Wow Nicholas - that is good to know - The movie is supposed to be about the passion of Christ not the life of Christ so I knew it was to focus on the process leading to his crucifixion - but I am worried about the gore. PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me how the ending is portrayed but were you empowered by it like Stapp said he was?

No, I did not feel "empowered." I felt used... And yes the film is subtitled and spoken in Aramaic and some "street Latin." (I really liked that aspect) Here's another email I sent to my family:

The film will definitely give you an idea of what He went through. However, my problem is that there was just so much extra "weird stuff," questionable symbolism and lack of substance I think the director used some rather bad judgment. Like I said, those were just my first impressions. I think that (pointless) crow scene is one that really makes me question the film and really crystallized my thoughts... It made me think the director gets off on depicting graphic violence just for the sake of it (much like some of his other films).

It's kind of like looking at the act of rape... we all know it's a horrible thing and most of us can't comprehend it. If perhaps a film comes along showing a "responsible," extended scene of rape in order to help us fully understand the brutality of it, it might be a good thing as long as the rest of the film teaches us something good. But if the film tries do the same thing by showing a rape scene for 2 hours constantly, complete with extreme close-ups and everything... that's just perverse.

I'm contemplating seeing it again when mom, dad (and possibly Lara) go. I know this is really one of those movies you should only see once (if at all), but I might want to see if my opinion changes. Maybe I don't...

And yes the main actor was struck by lightning during filming. Very interesting to say the least. Yes you may copy the "review" to anyone you like, Grandma.

Anyway, you all might walk away with entirely different views of this film. I'm not so worried about Christians seeing the film because I know that they know what's really going on. But I fear nonChristians aren't going to get the message because of all the "weird" extra stuff that goes on in the film.

Anyway, do let me know what you all think, too.

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