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Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) Harsh? Should i be happy that everyone here has been hammering me for giving an opinion. If they don't agree they tell me to die or what have you! Let me ask you, if so many people displayed such a complete ignorance of your opinion, and insulted you just because you believe differently, would your posts be friendly? I said i was sorry for the way i came across, and they still insulted me, i'm merely sticking up for my opinion which just because it isn't popular doesnt make it less worthy of this message board.

Stop clouding the issue. Several people, myself included, have responded to what you posted as a backup to your opinion and you have yet to address that. You are zeroing in on ONE post. Stop avoiding the issue and answer the queries and responses that were directed at you. If you can't, then KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
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