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I don't need facts to back it up! Its a bloody opinion! Thats what this is, a place to air your opinions!!!?? You dont agree? I don't say i have all the answers but i'm trying to make up for it and be polite, and all you morons keep insultin me.
I used to like creed, but then i discovered Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc... you know, REAL rock bands, not this watered down, manufactured rubbish you all listen to.
In fifty years time, when these bands are remembered for being the geniuses they are, i guarentee all you idiots will look back and say, "god, that guy was right! i used to listen to some right crap!"
You are probably all pre-pubescent kids who think creed are the shit!! A real rock fan knows that Creed are an embarrassment to the rock scene, and their insults are deserved. You want facts to back that up? Look at all the best albums lists. No creed mate! In fifty years time no one will remember them. They are just a fad, romanticized by naive youngsters who think Stapp is the next Robert Plant. Creed have no respect amongst their peers, because real musicians know who the phonies are! They laugh at them because they see them for the joke they are, and selling millions of records dont make you the bleedin Beatles, just ask Britney Spears.