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First, if you want to start good discussions you may do so but present them in a positive mannor. If you want to flame the band or the members of the band, do so somewhere else.

This discussion has been brought up several times. Yes you are new to the board, but the problem is the regulars here have dealt with this so many times in the past it gets annoying to see. Bringing up the same topics floods up the message board. It gets annoying. Please try the search function of the board and find if a conversation similar to yours has already been started before. (Note: this is just a word of advice for you and everyone else too)

Now to adress your posts:

Quote: 1) Saying he wishs they could do as much as Pearl Jam have, then saying he could "kick Eddie Veddar's ass!"
Find the full transcript of the interview where he said this please and paste it here. I think the comment Stapp made was more or less a joke. Stapp, Creed, Eddie Vedder, and Pearl Jam are sick and tired of hearing these comments about both bands that both laugh and play it off now. They joke about it because it's been said so many times.

Quote: 2) Blantantly sacking Marshall because he wasn't afraid to say what he felt.(which obviously ain allowed on this message board)
We don't know the reason why Marshall was removed from the band - only speculation.

Quote: 3) Saying that Creed will end when HE feels they can't go any further.
Please show me the exact quote here... from my memory he said "WE" not "HE"

Quote: 4)He was kicked out of college for marijuana, not to mention aforementioned barroom brawls, being sued for being completely wasted in concert, etc.)
How does his college years and one fight in a bar make him arrogant? Please explain the logic there?

Quote: 5) He's being sued for his disgraceful Chicago performance, then has the GALL to defend himself! He can't even own up to his mistakes
So you wouldn't defend yourself in the same situation? It's human nature to defend yourself against acqusations.

Quote: 6) I feel it to be a giant slap in the face of any Christian to openly impersonate Jesus Christ.
Dogstar summed this point up already previously. No need for me to comment on this again.

Quote: 7) THE PUNCHING INCIDENT "Some local went up to Scott while he was dancing," says the witness, "and said, 'You should've stuck with Pearl Jam.' So Scott yelled back, 'You wanna disrespect me?' and starts screaming. And the other guy was like, 'You're not a superstar.'" Stapp then punched the other man in the face, giving him a bloody lip and black eye, before the crowd could break them up.
Again, how does this make him arrogant? Most people would probably do the same thing in the same position. Was this action he took the right one? Probably not, but he's only human.

Like others said, worship the music, not the musicians.

The things that I've loved the things that I've lost
The things I've held sacred that I've dropped
I won't lie no more you can bet
I don't want to learn what I'll need to forget
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