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Quote: (Originally Posted by multifast1) Hi all. First post to this site.. but not new at all to Creed fan sites or this site really. Lemme first say I've been a HUGE fan of Creed's music for a long time and still am. Even got to meet the band in person during a sound check near the end of their last tour (well, all except Stapp).

That said, I have to say I agree with much of what was said about Stapp in the first post. That is to say I have the same "impression" of him as a person. As a singer I think he's awesome, but from what I've seen (and yes heard) of him over the past few years.. I've got a very bad vibe about him.

Now, obviously Ferez1 shouldn't have resorted to name calling and all of the other things I think he was bated into.. (one of the first replies he got was "I think you should DYE" omg!!!).. I agree with much of what he is saying. As a fan I find this very troubling. In my opinion, much of Creed's negative perception out their is directly because of Stapp and his attitude. I have no doubt it also played a major role in the break-up too. Can't be certain but it's my impression.

I mean a bb is meant for sharing ideas and thoughts. When you ask someone to "prove" his ideas by writing an essay on everything that lead to this idea... c'mon. Ferez1 wrote somethings he's seems to regret but I think others have posted some just as offensive replies in my opinion without adding any value whatsoever.

Anyway, this has always been a great site for Creed info. I hope to post here when I can.
Wow! I didn't realize so many people here knew Scott so well that they feel they are an authority on his personality.

You don't think other people here have posted anything that has added value? Well, I beg to differ. Others of us are simply trying to point out that the opinions of Scott and/or Mark are just that .... OPINIONS!!!! None of us know these guys personally. The things that have been said here are being put out there as if they are facts ... and they're not. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for some examples of why someone feels the way they do ... especially when they obviously feel so strongly. That person said they wanted to discuss it ... okay ... then discuss it! Don't just come here and give a completely one-sided opinion, call everyone names (like us "idiots" who like Stapp) and then not be ready to back up what you've said.