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Quote: (Originally Posted by crest tattoo) All right. I have to say something.

EVERYONE seems to blame Scott for the breakup. We all need to remember one thing: THERE ARE ALWAYS 2 SIDES to EVERY STORY!!!

I'm not saying Scott was innocent here, but I don't believe Mark didn't have any part in whatever happened. It takes two...

Also, please think of this situation this way: Have you ever been in a situation where you and another person were in an argument, and they were spreading rumors about you, and you decided to be the better person and just go on instead of saying anything.

There's way more to this whole thing than we know.
AMEN to that!

In all fairness, we have really only heard from Mark's camp ... nothing from Scott's. The only somewhat reliable info we've gotten has come from Mark to some fans to message boards and from Mark's brother. Again ... (no offense to the Mark fans) ... but this is very possibly slightly biased information. I, for one, do not appreciate hearing ... "Scott got the boot" or "What Mark said was the most politically correct thing he could have said." Again ... all from Mark's side and Scott not there to defend himself.

Scott has said nothing to indicate a riff between him and the others ... nor do we have any of his family members or friends here to defend him.

Right now, I think the playing field is a bit uneven and I do believe that there is a lot more to all of this. I do not believe there is any one person to blame.

Another thing I'd like to say is that it really amazes me when I hear (or read) people saying that Mark has been held back with Creed. Held back??? Creed has made Mark and the others very, very rich people ... not to mention well known and the envy of a number of other bands (which is probably the reason for most of the negativity towards them). The success that Creed has had is truly remarkable and each and every one of them should be incredibly grateful. Held back ... I think not!